Project Services

The successful execution of a project relies on a professional project management approach with the ability to work alongside other professionals on site eg. electricians, architects, interior designers, building contractors, etc. The importance and necessity of a co-operative team of professionals cannot be stressed enough when embarking on a new project. To avoid extra cost later on and reduce unwanted expenses and project downtime, AV Experts provides services covering project management, planning and scheduling of projects.

We comit to Quality Assurance, Safety, Health and Environmental management, Procurement, Needs Analysis, Conceptual Design, Detail Design, Installation & Construction, Site surveys,

Gap analysis, Improving operator efficiency, Reducing project downtime.

Simple yet sophisticated systems is what we offer through innovative solutions. Audio Video Experts pride ourselves on designing, supplying and installing sophisticated but user friendly and functional systems that effortlessly blend in with your unique needs and requirements.

With the seamless integration and control of your equipment from a single room, or several rooms or anywhere on or off your property we have a solution for almost every request.

In the fully integrated solution a simple touch screen device can replace all of those unsightly handsets, and provide a reliable single point of control from in wall and on wall keypads or wireless devices like Ipads, tablets, android devices, laptops, etc. for AV, lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, curtains, water features, security systems, pop up screens and more. Not only do the control systems allow individual control of these electronic systems, but they offer the client the ability to control multiple systems with a single button press as well as programming solutions with timers that control pool pumps, watering the garden or even running your bath. With the single push of a button we can now create scenarios where the lights will dim to a preset level, the blinds slowly drop, the projector screen unrolls, the projector turns on, the audio equipment turns on to a preset level, the room temperature adjusts and the movie starts playing. No more juggling remote controls or getting frustrated having to remember each device and label each control.

Leave the stress at the office, life can be hassle free with a comprehensive automated solution by Audio Video Experts.

A home theater can be as simple as a few devices in your living room with a few surround speakers or as complex as a completely renovated room designed to bring home a professional cinema experience. As expected a home theater must be what the name claims “THEATER”.

It should deliver sublime high quality video and immersive audio bringing home the theater experience that brings movies to life.

Audio Video Experts regards home theater design, supply, construction and installation to be the heartbeat of our business as we pride ourselves on delivering an experience that should leave our clients breathless as we believe that when it comes to home theaters “excellence cannot and should not be negotiated”  

We offer comprehensive audio solutions with features user friendly and enjoyable, A multi room audio system enables you to enjoy music in several different areas independently, offering a choice between different sources such as hard drives, tuners, CD players, DVD players, satellite channels, Ipads, Ipods and several other options all uniquely and custom tailored to suite your lifestyle and taste and it doesn’t matter if its indoors or out doors.

With a range of high quality and well designed and engineered amplifiers and speakers compromising also of in wall, on wall and wireless controls Audio Video Experts will take the time to design, supply and install according to your needs bringing an unparalleled, uncompromised  and sublime experience to your doorstep.

Audio Video Experts is an accredited satellite company.

We provide sales, installations, upgrades and service to Multichoice.

We bring you updates and the current information relating to DSTV programming and products.

We are able to install and advise on a variety of products and services from the basic single view system to the complex SMATV, MUD, communal, Fibre and full high definition systems.

We offer complete solutions including Extra view, Triple view, Dstv-i, Unicable in Stand-Alone or Multi-Unit Dwellings and Advanced Troubleshooting as well as matrix systems allowing you to view and control several television sets simultaneously and in complete high definition quality.

Our technicians have been accredited by various service providers as well as Multichoice on an advanced level 3 accreditation.

Audio Video Experts also offers complete communal supplies and installation from the basic BnB to hotels, flats and complexes with the benefit of project management right from the very inception of your new building, planning or upgrade.

We also cover maintenance of all existing clients with excellent back up service and a turn around time that cannot be matched.

Our services include ALL DSTV satellite Sales, Design, Installations, Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades, Activations and Accessories.



Audio Video Experts pride itself on the highest quality and safest security and surveillance equipment.
Our systems are uniquely designed and expertly installed allowing a choice of a wide range of local and international hardware and software solutions.
Security in your home or business should never be a compromise, with log in access and private passwords you can now have your home or business under constant surveillance from just about anywhere through your private laptop, computer or cell phone. Our solutions include: CCTV – IP, digital, HD and intrinsically safe systems
Intruder alert systems
P.A and voice evacuation
Fire detection
Building management systems
Protect your family and assets from ANYWHERE, be the head of your own security.

Audio Video Experts access control and surveillance solutions are designed for Bus & Coaches, Boats and Ships, Truck and Trailers, Taxi’s & Cabs, Police & Emergency Vehicles, Cash in Transit Vehicles and Railways

The Benefits of the solution offers huge improvements in safety and security of drivers and passengers and also brings about massive reductions in insurance premiums and payouts.

Control over shipment with significant reduction in lost and stolen cargo and improved fuel efficiency.

  • Corporate and hotel management systems
  • Building management systems
  • Conferencing and boardroom solutions
  • HDMI  distribution
  • Networking interface solutions
  • Fiber solutions

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